Mark Eschle - 23 September 2018

Go the extra mile for others

Series: "Stepping up, stepping out"

Reading the Bible growing up, we fell in love with all the stories of the courageous men and women written in both Old and New Testament. We wanted to be like Joshua, David, Elijah or Peter, stepping out in faith to do the extraordinary: conquering cities, killing giants, stopping rain and walking on water.
But then we grew up! We realise that conquests are no longer legal and giants are harmless and only on the basketball courts.
An application of courage doesn't happen anywhere the same as we see in the Bible, but we're still commanded to be courageous. The way we apply courage just looks different.
Courage matters today just as much as it has always, the application has just changed. Here we look at four ways that we can live out in courage in our day and age.


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