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Mark Eschle - 12 July 2020

Cain - Keeper or Killer?

Part of Series: "Villains in the Bible"

Heroes are easy to admire in the Bible. They’re the ones God wants us to be like. Sure, they have problems here and there, but they always get right with God eventually.
But the Bible has plenty of villains too—and we may feel awkward about them. It might even seem disrespectful to the good guys to spend time studying the bad guys.
Think about this though:
Eight of the Ten Commandments define God’s law by listing wrong actions and thinking to avoid. Learning what to steer clear of helps us to live a better life. God’s law is the bottom line for how to act, and lessons from the Bible’s bad stories can help us to know how God’s law applies.
Let’s extract the good lessons from the bad examples.

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