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Mark Eschle - 29 September 2019

The Unseen World

The Gates of Hades will not overcome it

We talk about in terms of spiritual warfare and the internal battles we face each day, no matter what… we win with Jesus! His resurrection has decided the war. But we still have battles to face, and we’re going to spend the remainder of this series talking about how to fight.

Part of Series: "The Gates of Hades will not overcome it"

In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”
The rock at Caesarea Philippi is the place where Jesus called Peter the “Rock.” He was using the surroundings to illustrate the word picture of His message. To the pagan mind, the cave at Caesarea Philippi created a gate to the underworld and was referred to as the ‘gates of hell.’
Gates are normally a defensive thing, but the verb used here (prevail or overcome) has more of an offensive connotation. Since gates can’t do any attacking, it seems that this verse must have more to do with the powers of hell/ death not being able to withstand the assaults of the Church.
It’s not that hell can’t overcome the Church, but that it will not be able to stand the eventual dominance of the Church, to destroy the devil’s dominion over the world.
It is the classic battle of good against evil. We know how the story ends, and we must never loose sight that Jesus has won the victory at Calvary.

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