Harefield seeks to safeguard all people

Harefield Church has a deep concern for the wholeness and well being of each individual.  Harefield seeks to safeguard the welfare of all people, regardless of age, who come into contact with the Church and its organisations.

As members of this church, we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all, especially children and young people.  It is the responsibility of each individual within the fellowship of the Church to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people, and to report any abuse discovered or suspected.

Importance of young people

We recognise that our work with children and young people is the responsibility of the whole church.

The church is committed to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children and young people, and to providing supervision.

Committed to people

The church is committed to adopting and following the guidelines and procedures published by the Home Office as the code of practice ‘Safe from Harm’.

Each leader or helper who works with children and young people must know the recommendations and undertake to observe them.  Each shall be given a copy of the church’s agreed procedures and Good Practice guidelines.

As part of our commitment to children and young people, the church has appointed Barry Wales and John Maybury to be their advocates.  Their role will be explained to the children as required.

We constantly review our Safeguarding policy to ensure we keep abreast of government changes.

Young people are part of our church today

They have much to give as well as to receive.  We will listen to them.  As we nurture them in worship, learning, and in community life, we will respect the wishes and feelings of children and young people.

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