• Join a team.

    Start serving here at Harefield and in the community

A community of people.

Every service or event Harefield Church requires amazing volunteers to make it happen.  Joining the team is just another way of making great friends and serving the house at the same time!

Our church isn’t built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the willing hearts and hands of many who serve and give their time, talent and passion to make who we are and all we do possible.  Jesus said that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive and that those who are greatest among us are those who serve.  We believe that we were born to serve God and others!


When you come into Harefield Church on a Sunday morning there is always a warm welcome from a team of people.

Handing out leaflets and just saying ‘Hello’ can make all the difference to somebody coming into Harefield for the first time or returning to church.

Worship and Music.

Worship is the natural outpouring from believers to express their love for the Lord.  Worship can include songs, prayer, mediation, testimony, poetry, drama and should encompass all ages.  Worship is an important and integral part of our meetings.

Our worship is live and is led by our worship leaders, musicians and singers.  Our band currently includes pianists, keyboards, guitarists, woodwind, cajon and more.


Sometimes you wonder where we would be without a cup of tea or coffee at church.

When you arrive on a Sunday morning you are welcomed with the offer of a drink and biscuit.  A chance to chat and catch up before the meeting starts.  A team are there every week to ensure the hot water is on, spoons and cups at the ready.


If you are passionate about seeing kids grow in their relationship with God from a young age then join our kids’ team.  With amazing programmes on Sundays for kids from 0-12, adventure awaits!

Buildings and Fabric.

We are blessed at Harefield Church with great facilities.  The building enables us to do so much for God and our community.  Over the years we have tried to reduce the levels of maintenance but for a building which is used a minimum of 5 days a week, jobs come up.   Whether it’s repairing a tap, painting a wall or pruning a bush, many hands make light work.

Tech and Media.

A mass of wires, computers, cameras, microphones, speakers, may seem complex but without it you may not hear what’s going on.  At meetings the songs are projected onto the screen, videos appear and more and these guys help make the meetings flow seamlessly.

Talks available online on our website if you miss the meetings!

In the Community.

There are various opportutnites to work in the local community in and around Harlow.  These include –