• Street Pastors.

    In the Harlow town centres on weekend nights

Harlow Street Pastors.

A growing number of cities and towns in the UK have “Street Pastors” in their town centres on weekend nights from late evening into the early hours, to give care and assistance to young “clubbers” and others who may need some help.

Christians on the streets (trained, and identified by “Street Pastor” clothing) can deal with people in ways that the Police are unable to.  In places where Street Pastors are active, crime decreases in those areas at that time.

In Harlow.

In Harlow the churches together launched Street Pastors in September 2010.  The project has the full support of the local and county Police and of Harlow Council.

If you would like to get involved as a Street Pastor volunteer you will need to be sponsored by your church and be prepared to give, as a minimum, one night every 4 weeks to serve in this way.

There are costs for training and clothing which you will need to provide.

Visit the Harlow Street Pastors website

Prayer support.

Along with Street Pastors out on the street there is a prayer team shadowing them based at St Paul’s Church the High and people praying from their homes. Could you become involved in this supporting role?  Give this some prayerful consideration.

Get involved.

If you’re interested in helping, supporting financially or just want to find out more about the work then please contact Owen Jenkins.

Telephone  – 07876 130 828