Freshwaters Contact Centre

Providing a safe neutral meeting place where children can meet with parents, grandparents or siblings that they have been separated from because of family breakdown.


10:00am to 12:00pm

The Freshwaters Contact Centre helps to re-build relationships between parents and children who have been separated due to a family breakdown.  The centre offers a neutral meeting place where children of separated families may enjoy contact with one and both parents, and sometimes other family members in a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment where there is no viable alternative.


  • To alleviate hardship and distress of children after marriage breakdown
  • Preserve and protect mental and physical health of children by providing a facility where they can enjoy the company and love of their non-resident parent
  • Relatively short term solution to help contact, establish and for trust to be built/rebuild

Be involved

The group is run by volunteers from across the Churches in Harlow.

If you’re interested in helping, supporting financially or just want to find out more about the work then please contact –

The Administrator
Freshwaters Contact Centre
PO Box 6774  Harlow  Essex  CM20 2WD

Tel:    01279 450 220

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