Explore faith

We think that church should be a place for everyone to explore the important questions about life.

Why are we here?  What is the purpose for my life?  Does God exist?

Ways to explore


The best way to find out what church is like is to experience it for yourself.  You don’t have to be a Christian to come along, or to have any experience of church.  You can get to know us, and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have.


Finding a community to get involved with and building relationships with people can be a great way of working through questions.  We run a number of small mid-week Life groups across Harlow that meet to discuss life and faith.


A healthy Christian community is one in which people know that they are loved, visitors are welcome and young and old alike are valued and feel safe.

The care that we offer, both at times of crisis and in everyday life is an active declaration of God’s love to us.  Each of us has opportunities to care for one another.  Perhaps you would like someone to visit you.  We are happy to meet with you, over a coffee and chat.


Harefield Church believes in the power of prayer.  Whatever you are going through, we want to pray with you.  Our church prays over every prayer request we receive.