• What To Expect

    We want you to know that you are very welcome

Harefield Church is open to everyone—no matter what your thoughts are about God or church.  Whether you are coming back to church after being away for a while, or you’re checking out this church thing for the first time, we want you to know that you are very welcome here

You can expect a warm welcome, a comfortable atmosphere, a cup of coffee (or tea), lively worship and teaching.

What time does the Sunday morning meeting start?

Starts at 11.00am

How long does the service last?

The Sunday meetings typically last about 75 minutes.

What should I wear?

We could be considered casual, but this really just means people wear what they are comfortable in at church.  We have no expectations for attire.

What about access and facilities?

Harefield is wheelchair accessible and has facilities for disabled people.  We provide a hearing loop for the hard-of-hearing during our main Sunday meetings.

Car Parking

If travelling by car Harefield has parking facilities.  You can also park on the road around the church at any time of the day.

Tea and coffee?

From 10.30am we serve tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits, allowing time to meet people and chat.

What will the service be like?

Sundays are an  encouraging, challenging, uplifting and fun place to be, incorporating  fellowship, worship, teaching and ministry.

Our worship is live and is led by our worship leaders, musicians and singers.  Our music is current with the day we live in and our Bible-based teaching series relate to day-to-day living in today’s society.  We use various media during our meetings, such as, videos.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

No one is going to single you out or ask you to stand up and give your name.  Grab a free coffee or tea, bring it in and relax.  Whether you’re new to church or been around your whole life, you’re in good company with those of us who are exploring who God is—or rediscovering what church can be.

What about my kids?

Do they come into the service with me or is there something going on for them?

At Harefield our children’s programme provides for kids.  The meeting starts with everyone together and the children go to their groups after about 25 minutes.  There is a crèche room available for parents and pre-kid’s group children and babies – this has a live link so that you can see the main meeting.

We would love to see you at Harefield Church