• Serve and Help

    Church is about far more than simply turning up on a Sunday

We are a community of people who share and care and there are many opportunities to serve and help at Harefield Church.  As we grow we can achieve more together.  Whatever your talent is, wherever your passion lies, there is a place for you!

Pastoral Care

A healthy Christian community is one in which people know that they are loved, visitors are welcome and young and old alike are valued and feel safe.

The care that we offer, both at times of crisis and in everyday life is an active declaration of God’s love to us.  Each of us has opportunities to care for one another.  Pray and care for others as you would want them to care for you.


Sometimes you wonder where we would be without a cup of tea or coffee at church.

When you arrive on a Sunday morning you are welcomed with the offer of a drink and biscuit.  A chance to chat and catch up before the meeting starts.  A team are there every week to ensure the hot water is on, spoons and cups at the ready.


We are blessed at Harefield Church with great facilities.  The building enables us to do so much for God and our community.  Over the years we have tried to reduce the levels of maintenance but for a building which is used a minimum of 5 days a week, jobs come up.   Whether it’s repairing a tap, painting a wall or pruning a bush, many hands make light work.

We are looking for individuals prepared to give some time as and when required for specific maintenance jobs or one-off projects.  We also have all the regular tasks for Sunday mornings where you can connect, working with others.

Harefield Kids

Help us introduce children of all ages to God’s love.  Many serve in our youth work.

In our Harefield Kids and YC groups we have main leaders, leaders and helpers.

Have a chat with some of them to find out what they do.

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Welcome Team

If you love people, know how to smile and are passionate about helping others then the Welcome team is a great place to serve.

If you are not sure where to start getting involved in church life, then perhaps being part of the welcome team is a good place to start.

Worship & Music

Worship is the natural outpouring from believers to express their love for the Lord.  Worship can include songs, prayer, mediation, testimony, poetry, drama and should encompass all ages.  Worship is an important and integral part of our meetings.

Our worship is live and is led by our worship leaders, musicians and singers.  Our band currently includes pianists, keyboards, guitarists, woodwind, cajon and more.

Tech & Media

PA & Audio Visual Team

A mass of wires, computers, cameras, microphones, speakers, may seem complex but without it you may not hear what’s going on.  At meetings the songs are projected onto the screen, videos appear and more and these guys help make the meetings flow seamlessly.

Website Team

If you have visited the Harefield’s website you will see it is always up to date with the latest news.


God’s mission is to create a people that worships, disciples and witnesses.  We understand that part of God’s mission is that we witness for Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) both locally, nationally and internationally.  The purpose of this witness is to make disciples of all nations, baptising them and teaching them to obey everything that Christ has commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).

As a church, Harefield is involved in local, national and international mission – that is, we seek to be Christ’s witnesses and make disciples.