• Great Open Door

    Raising up the next generation to know their God

Serving schools in Harlow

School assemblies and religious education

Great Open Door Schools Ministry (GOD) is a group of Christians drawn from local churches who want to serve schools in Harlow, Essex and the surrounding area by providing quality school assemblies, religious education and literacy lessons.

Great Open Door believe that children’s learning improves when they are engaged and enjoying the activity, so they try to build a ‘WOW’ factor into everything we do.


Working in schools in and around Harlow

Great Open Door’s aim is to enrich the children’s learning experience and be exceptional.

The Great Open Door schools ministry is based in Harlow, Essex, and currently supports around 20 local infant, primary and junior schools with, assemblies, Prayer Spaces, literacy lessons and workshops.  With 36 schools in Harlow and nearly 12,000 pupils on roll there should be no shortage of opportunities to serve.

Great Open Door is a Scripture Union Mission Partner

How we got here

The 1988 Education Act states that daily collective acts of worship (commonly called assemblies) should take place in school and should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character’.  This is where Great Open Door can help.

Great Open Door began delivering assemblies in September 2003.  This was followed by Literacy lessons in 2005, Workshops in 2011 and Prayer Spaces in 2012.  Over the years Great Open Door has developed good relationships with head teachers, teaching staff and children, who eagerly look forward to their visits. The most recent assembly on the theme of thankfulness and a head teacher subsequently wrote to say that the children left this assembly ‘excited and motivated’ which is just what we want to achieve.